Sims 4 Patch (30 May, 2023)

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An update was released on May 30th, 2023 with various fixes, and bringing some new stuff to the consoles' version of the game.

Gallery going under major maintenance.


Kicking off with the ongoing maintenance, we know you are probably missing the Gallery right now - we promise it will be back up and running as soon as possible. The extended maintenance is part of an initiative we have to move the Gallery to new backend systems and services which will bring with it additional flexibility and future feature updates.
Don’t worry, all of your creations, comments, likes, and downloads will be coming over to the new Gallery and will be there waiting for you when the maintenance is complete.
At launch, PC and Mac Simmers may notice that the News tab isn’t there and the Gallery Newsfeed is not feeding anymore. This is temporary and we will be looking at bringing them back, in some form, at a later date. Console players will also get these features when they return.
Trending Hashtags will be unavailable but you will be able to search by hashtag as usual. The Hashtag panel will return. #Hashtag (wait, is that like Googling Google?)
Commenting from website will be temporarily unavailable when the Gallery returns. Our focus is on bringing the game systems back and running smoothly. This means that you will be able to read comments on the web Gallery but you will need to be in The Sims 4 to leave new comments
Due to technical issues, the Gallery will be temporarily disabled on Macs running El Capitan (10.11) and Sierra (10.12). All items previously downloaded will be available in My Library as usual. We will be bringing access back to players on those OS’s as soon as possible.
For updates on Gallery availability be sure to monitor @TheSimsDirect on Twitter.
While this update is available to download and play, the Gallery will be unavailable while the team works behind the scenes on bringing the new services online. When the Gallery returns, you will not need to do anything additional as long as you have installed this update.
One returning feature is that The Sims 4 will automatically connect to the Gallery when the game launches rather than connect on demand which we added when we invited more Simmers into the game by offering The Sims 4 for free. Console Simmers will need to link their accounts to an EA account either during game launch or by opening Options > Game Options > Other and selecting Link EA Account.
Simmers will need to update to this version of The Sims 4 to access the Gallery; the older clients will not be able to connect.
Wow, all that and we haven’t even started on the What’s New? and Bug Fixes - let’s go ahead and jump into those.

  • The Sims Team

What's New

We return to consoles with some big changes. We have been busy reviewing all the feedback you have been providing regarding the controls on the PlayStation and Xbox versions of The Sims 4, especially around the recent changes, and have made some important changes in this update.
First, based on your feedback, we have restored some previous functionality in Build Mode and made some additional improvements to bring consistency between game modes and what controller buttons do.
For example, in Create a Sim (CAS) the bumper buttons would switch between Sims, but in Live Mode you would have used the triggers as the bumpers would adjust the game speed. With this update, in Live Mode, switching between Sims will be handled by the bumper buttons to align with CAS, and the triggers will adjust the game speed.
Previously, tiles, doors, windows were rotated by pressing Triangle on PlayStation and Y button on Xbox. We have aligned these objects with other objects and they can now be rotated with the bumper buttons left AND right. Windows and Doors will use the Triangle or Y button to now place multiple, while Tiles will use the button to switch between single tile or full room modes.
There are some subtle differences, but we feel they reduce the overall complexity of playing The Sims 4 on a controller. We recommend that you enable Show Controls Legend (Game Options > Other) to get an idea of the new shortcuts and layouts. The Controls Overlay is always available by pressing L3 on PlayStation or L on Xbox if you prefer to play without the on screen prompts.
Next, while you are in Build Mode, when you select an object from the Lot, the Build Catalog panel will minimize returning screen space for you to navigate. You can also switch cursor modes, by tapping the Touch Pad on PlayStation or the View button on Xbox, while you are in the Build Catalog to select items from the Lot, and when you return to the catalog you will be presented with the last objects you were viewing, allowing you to pick up where you left off.
We have added a number of shortcuts throughout the game. One such shortcut can be found in Create a Sim whereby if you are editing your Sims’ appearance you can press UP on the D-pad to jump to the Identity panel. If you press DOWN on D-pad you will be able to quickly add or remove Sims from your household without needing to toggle cursor modes or navigate with the cursor in that part of the screen.

Bug Fixes

Sims 4

  • When going through CAS Stories your Sim will now confirm that their aspirations and traits cannot be modified
  • The tooltip on the Reset button for the UI Scale setting (Options > Game Options > Accessibility) will correctly reflect if you are using the game defaults or not
  • Excessive jogging can be bad for you but for your Sims it shouldn’t mean they are stuck with Pulled Muscle and Fatigued uncomfortable buffs forever. The buffs will now expire over time…maybe next time stick to just a walk for once
  • Sims will get age appropriate moodlets and buffs, but sometimes don’t we all get sad in a Strange Place?
  • Benches sitLoveseat2x1_EP06GENbusBench_set1, sitSofa3x1_EP03GEN_set1, sitLoveseat2x1_EP03GENbusStop_set1, sitLoveseat2x1_GP06RUSTICbench_set1, and sitLoveseat2x1_EP04GENparkBench_set1 should now all appear as outdoor furniture and count towards Lot requirements like Parks
  • There are additional body scar options for male Sims
  • Mini Mission Crib, Kindermade Kindercrib, BlandCo Contemporary Crib, and The Travel Crib by Gordian now all include Energy Values when viewing them in the Build Mode catalog
  • Erratic Want/Whim now shares the same image as the trait
  • The ymTop_SDX016Rolled top is correctly categorized and will only show up when removing the Feminine filter tag
  • The Gallery / Library button on the Main Menu will remain left aligned even if you take the game offline and then reconnect, just where it should be
  • When starting a Scenario while Enable Guidance System is enabled (Options > Game Options > Tutorials & Tips) or started manually, Emily should no longer fight for screen time over the Scenario requirements in Create a Sim
  • Building a relationship between Photographer and Model takes time… at least it should. It was noted that the relationship and reputation increased too rapidly while taking photos of or with another Sim.
  • Family trees, by definition, keep growing. Now your Sims will be once again able to view their Grand and Great Grand lineages
  • Toddlers can use the Babble interaction on large stuffed animal toys like Blarffy as much as they like and won’t need to wait hours between babbling
  • shelfFloor2x1_EF13GENfauxFireplace_set1, fireplaceWall2x1_EP08EDWOOD_set1, fireplaceWall3x1_EP05HOLIDAYgarland_set1, fireplaceWall2x1_SP18GEN_set1, holidayTree_EP05GEN_set1, and lightFloor_EP05GENTree2x2x2_set1 all show the “Environment“ value in the tooltip


    • Improved legibility of the Controller Legend labels when viewing Notifications
    • Disabling the Social Features in Game Options while viewing the Gallery should no longer force you to look at just the Game Options screen until you restart the game. Still, they are interesting Options
    • Viewing the Venue Information from a Lot placed from My Library or the Gallery will not lock the controls to the UI elements
    • Using the Move Lot option will not prevent you from rotating the Lot
    • Disabling the Show Controls Legend setting in Options > Game Options > Other should hide the button icons and labels from the Gallery. If you need a reminder of what they are, click in the Left Stick to view the Controls Overlay
    • The Controls Legend should no longer disappear after adjusting the UI Scale (Options > Game Options > Accessibility)
    • Cursor will no longer disappear after using the Relationships panel
    • Resizing objects in Build Mode is possible again. While holding the object you want to resize, press and hold L2+R2 (PlayStation) / LT+RT (Xbox) then press Left or Right on the D-Pad to adjust the size and place your giant, or tiny, object into the Lot when ready
    • As part of the changes to Build Mode for the controller, the focus should no longer prevent switching between control types
    • The Controls Overlay (L3 on PlayStation) / (L on Xbox) should be accurate at all times; we have gone through and removed excess or inaccurate button call outs to make the Overlay easier to read and understand


      • Adding Seasons Expansion Pack to an existing Saved Game will no longer put you in a Season select nightmare when trying to purchase and open a business

      Island Living

        • ymAcc_NecklaceEP07BeadsTier_White can be customized with a selection of color options


        Snowy Escape

          • There is a lot to learn in Snowy Escape - 10 pages of Lessons in fact. The page numbers should no longer be cutting off, allowing you to keep up your Mountain Climb Excursions based education more effectively
          • Workaholics should not burnout at the same rate as Sims without the same lifestyle

          Cottage Living

            • Purchasing Seeds on consoles now includes additional information on how to complete the purchase without needing to view the Controls Overlay screen to find the corresponding button

            High School Years

              • Teens that get expelled from high school will no longer be able to reenroll
              • ymAcc_NecklaceEP12Chain_SolidBlack now has an array of color options to pick from

              Growing Together

                • Sims with tracked Milestones won't forget about them if they are moved into a non-played Household
                • Sims can now have the Difficult Family Dynamic with their spouses. Who squeezes the toothpaste from the middle anyway?!?!
                • shelfFloor2x1_EF13GENfauxFireplace_set1 shows “Eco Footprint Industrial“ and “Functional Off-the-Grid“ values in the tooltip
                • fireplaceFloor2x2_EP10GENstanding_set1 shows “Functional Off-the-Grid“ value in the tooltip
                • Paranoid and Squeamish self discovery moments should be less frequent after declining either one
                • Decreased the frequency of Self Discovery when Sim is promoted

                Laundry Day

                  • We have called in a repair service job, and they came by and made improvements to the washing machines and dryers to make them more reliable

                  Carnaval Streetwear

                    • We couldn’t get enough of Carnaval, but it wasn’t the expectation that ymAcc_NecklaceSP30Feathers_DuoPinkBlueDk would show up twice in Create a Sim; now it should only appear once. Still, it’s good to keep the celebrations going all year long
                    • Talking of which, ymAcc_NecklaceSP30Feathers_DuoPinkBlueDk should have its full color options available to pick from

                    Basement Treasures

                      • We found the keys to the sculptFloorInventory1x1_SP41GENchest, and it can now be opened and used for storing all your treasures






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