Sims 4 Patch (31 Jan, 2023)

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More fixes, more content, putting a bit of a focus on the console version of The Sims 4.


What's new

Medical Wearables

There’s a new Medical Wearables category under Body and Face Accessories in Create a Sim.

Select the Sims face and then select Accessories to find the Medical Wearables category that contains a new hearing aid for your Toddler or older Sims. This medical wearable comes in fifteen color variants, and can be assigned to your Sims right, left or both ears.

The Medical Wearables category can also be found by selecting the Sims body and then selecting the Body category. Here you can find Glucose Monitors for your Child and older Sims that can be added to your Sims right and left arm, and to your Sims lower abdomen on the right or left side as well.

Top Surgery Scar

Under the same Body category, all players can find a Body Scars category with an option for Teen and older male Sims (masculine or feminine frame) to add a Top Surgery Scar to their Sims.

Binders and Shapewear

With this update, players can find two new assets in Create a Sim. Under the Tanks, in the Tops category, you will find a Binder top asset for your Teen and older Sims. In the Underwear category for Bottoms, there is a new shapewear asset for your Sims as well!

Let there be Light Switches!

For our builders who have long desired to complete that perfect room, a new light switch is now available in Build Mode!

UI Placement comes to PlayStation

Previously, The Sims 4 on PlayStation required Simmers to calibrate their screen settings at a system level by going to the consoles Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings and configuring the display.

This option will continue to work but now, PlayStation Simmers will be able to adjust the UI placement. The wizard will run during the initial launch of The Sims 4 or can be manually initiated from Game Options > Other.

We still recommend you calibrate your Display Area Settings through your PlayStation settings.

Please visit the link provided at the end of this article to find out the new features that this patch ads to the console versions of The Sims 4.

Bug Fixes

Sims 4

  • Toddlers can do strange things sometimes, but bathing with their slippers on shouldn’t be one. Now their feet will get clean, just like the rest of them.
  • The Venue Info icon in the top left of your screen contains a lot of useful information but it doesn’t mean it should always display as new. Now the icon flair will only show when something is actually new.
  • Sims made through CAS Stories with Starting Funds 'High' should now get 30k Simoelons instead of the standard 20k for their household fund.
  • Sims love a good makeover, but when switching Styled Looks in CAS it's taking it a bit far your Sim’s appearance changes, not just their outfits. Styled Looks will now update just the outfit your Sim is wearing and not make them a totally different Sim.
  • When adjusting the physical frame of your Sim while using Bantu Knots (yfHair_SDX019BantuKnots) or Two Strand Twist (ymHair_SDX019TwoStrandTwists) hairstyles, you will continue to see the Plumbob icon on the thumbnail as a reminder of the fantastic collaboration we did with DeeSims to bring those styles to everyone.
  • The goals during the Parenting Predicaments scenario will reflect a child Sim aging up to a teen after blowing out the birthday candles and progressing the scenario.
  • Child Sims getting at least a B grade average at school will be recognized for their achievements by progressing the Parenting Predicaments scenario objectives.
  • If your Sims reach level 5 in one of Sofia and Leonardo's skills before the goal activates in the Parenting Predicaments scenario, it’ll be accurately marked as meeting the criteria.
  • Also related - teenagers have aspirations (apparently waking up before noon doesn’t count) but in the Parenting Predicaments scenario teens are able to complete the teenage aspirations goal.
  • Some say it's a conspiracy, some say the aliens got fed up with the parents and just sent them home, others just think it was a bug. Either way, parents should no longer return midway through the Aliens Stole My Parents scenario when traveling off the lot and back again.
  • Stuck in the Shadow wasn’t intended to actually get you stuck…. Completing the Scenario should now complete once the goals have been achieved.
  • Emily likes to help Simmers get a head start, but it seems she was a little too eager and prevented Scenario goals from displaying in CAS if she hadn’t been seen previously. Now if you haven’t seen Emily yet, and start a new Scenario you will have your goals displayed so you can create the perfect household to take on the challenges ahead. Emily will be there if you need her later.
  • Seasoned Simmers who don’t need Emily’s help and choose to disable the Guidance System, in the Game Options, while in CAS will no longer run into an issue where you cannot create a Sim due to the options being inaccessible.
  • Merging Sims from the Gallery while Emily was guiding you through CAS will no longer prevent Emily from explaining the final parts of the CAS Guidance System.
  • Entering CAS from the Simology option will not prevent you from creating a Sim Story.
  • While using the Guidance System to customize your own Sim, Add New Sim will not be available until you have completed your Sim customization tutorial or opted out of the tips.
  • Some tips in Build Mode prevented you from accessing features like Bulldoze and Save to My Library; all the options are selectable again.
  • Sims with customized frames should have a full set of fingernails to pick from, including those from packs.

City Living

    • Being an Interior Decorator can be tough, it's made even more difficult if you can’t get in. Sims picking up a gig at a penthouse will now be able to knock on the door and get in to work their style magic.
    • If there is one main thing you would expect Illuminating Pillars to do, it's illuminate! Well we changed some bulbs, got shocked once or twice, checked the wiring and now they should be good to go.

    Get Famous

      • After our previous update which brought a new look to Lessons and a bigger, easier to read layout, it unexpectedly caused long Lesson titles to extend beyond the boundaries of the box in some languages. The titles should now all fit in their designated spaces and be fully readable by all.

      Eco Lifestyle

        • The Perfect Plumbob Ceiling Fan, Sandstorm Ceiling Fan, Dizzy Palms Ceiling Fan now all come with a power consumption rating.

        High School Years

          • Sims wearing the yfAcc_NecklaceEP12Beaded_SolidRainbowLt necklace should no longer see it floating near them when zooming the camera. We must have forgotten to remove the levitation enchantment, sorry about that!


            • Sims making a living as a Paranormal Investigator and autonomously visiting San Myshuno often found that doors were missing from apartments unless you were in Walls Up view. Doors should now show up as expected. But are they really there? Someone should investigate! Spoooooky!

             Bust The Dust

              • Dust and Dust Bunnies will show up after a reload, now where did I put that Dust Dandy Cordless Vacuum?

              Outdoor Retreat

                • We learned a lesson and that lesson is that our lessons should have Titles. Outdoor Retreat should show up under Lessons as expected and no longer be a mystery category.




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