Sims 4 Patch (17 Jan, 2023)

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New Year, new Bug Fixes!


Bug Fixes

Sims 4

  • Toddlers were all looking a little too similar to each other. Now, they’ll reflect their parents and account for genetics.
  • Sims will no longer break the space-time continuum by moving when the game is paused.
  • The Mint Green Belted Cardigan (yfTop_CardiganBelted_SolidGreenMintBlack) no longer makes your Sim look like human spaghetti.
  • The Open Blazer (yfTop_BlazerOpenCollarTucked) now covers your Sim’s midriff properly.
  • A Juice Party will now count towards Throw 3 parties in the Party Aspiration.
  • Objects mounted on walls will no longer be removed when a different wall texture is applied in Build mode.
  • The Check for Pen Pal Replies option will now display as intended.
  • The Return from Daycare notification will now only appear once.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when entering Live Mode.
  • The Promise to Help interaction will now trigger in the appropriate situations.
  • It’s now possible to enable the free build cheat (bb.enablefreebuild) while in the Making Money Scenario. This cheat doesn’t even disable Achievements/Trophies on consoles either.
  • Removed duplicate Clean up prompts when around two Activity Tables.
  • When using the Off the Grid filter, objects will display the proper information about what skill they may impact.
  • Disabling Wants & Fears will now function as intended.
  • Fixed missing Comfort stats from many Comfort objects and items.
  • Fixed Public Bathrooms description information stating they’re for Hygiene instead of Bladder.
  • Sims will be able to use public bathroom stalls. No more holding it until you get home!


    • Adjusting the UI Scale from Game Options > Accessibility while in Create a Sim (CAS) should be more responsive so you can see your adjustments without waiting.
    • The Show: All Households list in the Manage Households menu can be scrolled meaning you can now see all Households as well.

    Bust the Dust

      • Sniff Sniff Sims will perform the smelling animation the appropriate amount when their environment is dirty. No one likes a dirty litter box!

      Get to Work

        • When your Sim grows up; Alien nose, chin, and eye width will carry over.
        • A respectful introduction will now fulfill the Greet Co-workers/Patients task as a part of the Doctor Career.


          • Sims won't freeze to death in the Summer when interacting with sprinklers. Someone must’ve forgotten to turn the air conditioner off… we’ll be sure to hand out blankets next time!
          • Sims are now able to properly schedule holidays when they have a teen in the house. Scheduling family trips is already hard enough!

          Snowy Escape

            • Work Withdrawals are now removed when working during their off hours.

            My Wedding Stories

              • Your Sims will no longer talk about planning their wedding ceremony after they are married.


                • Werewolves are now able to change their fur in CAS mode. Furtastic!






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