Wood and Wallpaper
Prime wood panels combined with some fine quality wallpaper. Why have one or the other, when you can have both?

Birch Trees, Vertical Paintings
A birch is a thin-leaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula, in the family Betulaceae, which also includes alders, hazels, and hornbeams. It is closely related to the beech-oak famil…

Sites for free 3D Models
Various sites where you can download free 3D models for your own creations. Important Note : When downloading / using 3D models from any site on the internet (below mentioned sites included), plea…

Sites for Royalty Free Textures
Various sites where you can download free textures for your own creations.  Important Note : When downloading / using textures from any site on the internet (below mentioned sites included), please…

Textures Tutorials
Various links to tutorials for creating your own textures. These are related to various programs. Creators may adjust / modify couple of steps to make them relevant to the program they use. …

Sims Creativity Tools
Various creativity tools specifically designed for Sims creations. SimPE : A tool to create Sims 2 objects recolors and meshes. Supports also Sims Life Stories, Sims Pet Stories and Sims Castaway Sto…

Wood Workshop by Spiral Graphics
Wood Workshop  (by Spiral Graphics) is a free seamless texture editor that specializes in the creation of seamless wood textures.  System Requirements OP*: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Proce…

Wall, Blocks of Sculptured Wood
This wall panel consists of small sculptured wood blocks, one glued next to the other using some fine quality adhesive. It will last forever.

The Perfect Grass
Not too long, not too short, this is exactly what you need for your back (or front) yard.

Modern Wood Doors Set
A variety of front doors and interior doors, that either have just wood or combine the warmth of wood and the impersonal coldness of glass.

Modern Wood Door
A front door that combines the warmth of wood and the impersonal coldness of frosted glass.

Modern Wood Door Plus
The modern geometric design of this wooden front door is echoed in its accompanying rectangular glass sidelights and transom.

Modern Wood Door Plus Tall
This modern wooden door framed by extra-tall sidelights plus a square transom adds the illusion of height to your front entryway.

Plain Wood Door
A solid wooden door with no frills.

Plain Wood Double Door
Interior wooden double door set suitable for walk-in closets and conference rooms.

Been There TV
This TV only gets a few channels, but it’s a great way to learn a second language, not to mention the mating habits of leopards. We’ve heard if you stretch a bra across the antennae, you can …

Flower Nails, Mesh Recolor
Beautiful floral design for the Sim ladies that know what's best for them.

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I will upload all my creations here. That means uploading +/-3.500 files... and many, many more images. It will take quite some time... I will give priority to The Sims 4 meshes and The Sims 4 downloads in general. The Sims 2 downloads will follow, then The Sims 1 (because they are just a few). Anything else will follow in whatever order I see more convenient. As for News, Screenshots and Tutorials, the priority will be to add fresh content. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

- All Sims4 and Sims1 creations are now uploaded.

- All Sims3 creations are now uploaded.
- Transfer of Sims2 creations is in progress.