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There are already several tools that give us the ability to create new stuff for The Sims 4. Several things, from recolors to new meshes for hair, clothes, etc., can be added to the game.

While modding and sharing are common practices in the Simmers world, you should always consider the potential risks that may derive from importing custom content in your game. It's the Simmers' choice to use / install custom content or not. It's the Simmers' responsibility to safeguard their property (PC and/or software, game).

To install the custom content, you need to copy the package files (uncompressed) in the Mods folder.

  • C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods *

You may organize your downloads in subfolders, going more than one level deep, but I wouldn't suggest going way too deep or creating way too many subfolders as this can get chaotic as well...

Consider it a good practice to remove all mods and custom content before updating your game.

Further to the above, to install Lots, Rooms ** and Sims, you need to copy all the extracted files in the games tray:

  • C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray *

There is more than one file for each lot, room, or Sim.

  • Single store lots will have 1 TRAYITEM file, 1 BLUEPRINT file and 4 BPI files. An extra BPI file is added for every additional floor / basement.
  • Rooms will have 1 TRAYITEM file, 1 ROOM file and 2 RMI files.
  • A single Sim will have 1 TRAYITEM file, 1 HOUSEHOLDBINARY file, 2 HHI files and 1 SGI file. An extra SGI file is added for every additional Sim.

Unzip your download and place everything in the above-mentioned folder.

*  Please note that the path is indicative and depends on your system setup and your installation, i.e. you may have installed your game on a different drive.

** Simmers upload and share through the gallery custom paintings and posters that your game will not treat as custom content but as regular game objects! These are uploaded as "Rooms" and should also be dropped in the Tray folder.


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About Sims Transfer

I will upload all my creations here. That means uploading +/-3.500 files... and many, many more images. It will take quite some time... I will give priority to The Sims 4 meshes and The Sims 4 downloads in general. The Sims 2 downloads will follow, then The Sims 1 (because they are just a few). Anything else will follow in whatever order I see more convenient. As for News, Screenshots and Tutorials, the priority will be to add fresh content. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

- All Sims4 and Sims1 creations are now uploaded.

- All Sims3 creations are now uploaded.
- Transfer of Sims2 creations is in progress.