Sims 4: Gameplay

The Sims 4 Screenshots

This screenshot comes directly from the game. We have seen this kind of thing already in our current game(s)...

Sims will have their wishes, their hobbies, and their long-term aspirations. The ones in the screenshot are after the artist's career, looking to make some more Simoleons or something completely irrelevant... like if they wish to master creativity....

The Sims 4 Screenshots

According to the Sims Official Magazine (4th edition), the Sims 4 will include a lot of familiar things from the previous Sim games like the crafting table, the voodoo doll, the cow-plant, and the telescope - a bit more "advanced" version?

Well, we will see. Other commonalities with current gameplay will be trash piles, puddles, public spaces, and various collectable or up-gradable objects.

The Sims 4 Screenshots

Sims will continue to date, fall in love, and make decisions like moving in and committing to each other for a life time.

Being more emotional than before, a romantic, hopelessly devoted to a certain sweetheart, Sim might be able to do new things like play or a whole new tune. What might be missed is the irrationality of our previous games where we can flirt with a certain Sim and at the same moment - totally out of blue - start calling names each other and fighting!

The Sims 4 Screenshots

Don't you love social interactions and your Sims just hanging out? Watch out for the different reactions in the screenshot.

Different personalities and moods will bring out a whole different point of view and respective response. Beware if you don't want to be sorry!

The Sims 4 Screenshots

Come on, look at this face? Do you recognize this look? I do! This poor, desperate, huge question mark look we notice from time to time on some people.

Poor man is trying hard to keep up and understand even the point of this hmm... discussion? argument? monologue? (This last assumption looks more like it)...

- "Shall I even try to explain?" or just maybe...

- "My coffee is getting cold"...


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