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The Sims is a life simulator game that was released in February 2000. Sold millions of copies and was followed by seven expansion packs. Its’ remarkable success also gave Maxis (the developer) and EA Games (the publisher) the spark to continue with The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. Can the numerous and continuous sales of all these games bring more Sims in the future? We will see. 

If you enjoy controlling other people’s lives, you sure love this game, and you still have it somewhere – if not installed and ready to play. Why? It’s a legacy! Sure, the next generation of Sims came with better graphics, more expansions and stuff packs, more options… But then again, it was Mortimer who stole your heart. And let’s admit it… you missed Bella when she was abducted… 

The beauty of the game is the fact that – unlike your Sims, who have low free-will or no free-will if you choose to turn it off – you are free to use your imagination and write your own scenario. There are no specific objectives, no script to follow. It’s your game, your choices, your strategy. 

What is even better is that you never see “The End” written on your screen. You keep on playing, modifying the leading “actors” and stories. And if something goes wrong (the meaning of wrong is for you to define), you can start over and change your Sims’ destiny for better or for worse. You can undo what was mistakenly done by exiting your game without saving. The best thing though about the Sims is that you can customize your game. Both EA and the community have developed various tools and cheats to enrich the content of the game as well as bring certain alterations. 

Good to know when you are playing The Sims 
  • Each household can accommodate 8 Sims maximum. 
  • You need to satisfy 8 basic needs of your Sims: bladder, comfort, energy, environment, fun, hunger, hygiene and social. 
  • Nourish your babies or a social worker will take them away from you. 
  • Children must do their homework and go to school in a good mood to get good grades. 
  • Having good grades might welcome relatives to give them Simoleons, while bad grades may banish them and send them to military school. 
  • As with school, to achieve a satisfactory performance at work the Sim must go to work in a good mood. If a Sim misses a day from work, he receives a warning. If he misses two, he gets fired. 
  • Creative Sims can be self-employed and make money by selling their paintings. 
  • Failure to pay several bills on time results in the Repo-man repossessing your Sim’s household items. The more possessions you have, the higher the bills you must pay. 
  • A depressed Sim can be very annoying and start insulting other Sims or attacking them. Try to fill in their fun bar, unless of course you have other plans… 
  • A depressed Sim may also refuse to study (child), look for a job or pay the bills. Might instead sit and watch TV in an effort to increase the fun bar. 
  • Sims with low energy can pass out where they stand, and if this happens for example…in a pool… then they die… 
  • You can also starve your Sims to death… 
  • Other ways to die: electrocution, fire, infection (coming from the dirty cage of guinea pig).


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