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The Sims Livin' Large (or Livin' It Up) is the first expansion pack and brought the following additions:

New Careers
  • Hacker 
  • Journalism 
  • Musician 
  • Paranormal 
  • Slacker 

New NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) 
  • Genie: Rub a magic lamp and a Genie might appear and grant you a wish – for better or for worse... 
  • Grim Reaper: He is here to reap your Sims soul and you can’t do much about it… unless of course you would like to plea and play the paper-scissors-rock game for a chance to bring them back to life. 
  • Santa Claus: He may visit and leave presents under the tree if you have a plate of cookies near a Christmas tree and a fireplace. Of course, all the Sims should be asleep... 
  • Servo: Helps with household maintenance (cleaning, gardening, etc.) 
  • Tragic Clown: He will come “into life” if your Sims own the Clown’s painting and are in a bad mood. He will try to cheer them up (not always easy or successful). Either get rid of the painting or have your Sim do something funny to raise his mood. 

Good to know when playing The Sims Living Large: 
  • Zombie: When you lose a beloved one, you can plea to the Grim Reaper for his life and play rock-paper-scissors with him to bring him back. If you lose though, there is a chance that the Grim Reaper will bring your Sim back but as a Zombie. Well... that’s better than nothing, right? 
  • Sims can now gain logic points while making potions.


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