Over the Hill, Residential Lot

The Sims 3 Residential Lot

This lot has a spacious living room, two bedrooms, study room, potential nursery and two bathrooms. You can enhance your knowledge, creativity, logic, body and charisma skills. Has a beautiful yard and nice verandas, parking slots for two cars and two bicycles, a nice pool, and an amazing pond to exercise your fishing skills! Perfect for families with kids.

Lot has been tested for play-ability.

Lot Size: 25x30


  • Furnished: §71.316
  • Unfurnished: §43.149

Custom Content: None

Creator's Note: Do not re-upload / share anywhere without creator's permission. Thank you.

Custom Content Installation Instructions

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The Sims 3 Residential Lot
The Sims 3 Residential Lot
The Sims 3 Residential Lot
The Sims 3 Residential Lot
The Sims 3 Residential Lot

Creator: LaLunaRossa | Requirements: The Sims 3


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