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  • In case somebody decides to pay you visit during night …, a burglar for example …, you can try to stall him and keep him in the house until the police arrives to arrest him. Walk your Sims to the exit doors of the house and stay put (blocking the path with your own body). What will he do then? Fly out from the window? No way!!! You got him!!! 
  • Are you thinking of throwing a party and want to make this a success story? The best way to increase the possibilities of having lots of Sims attending, and avoid these unpleasant “regrets”, is to have the most social Sim in your house making the phone call. The higher number of friends and the higher level of bonds are the ingredients of a successful party!
  • If you want your Sims to start finding their way to their “own” bed instead of sleeping on a different bed every night, all you must do is to keep sending them (just a few times) to the bed you want them to sleep. You will be amazed how easy it is to teach them that this is the bed they should sleep in!
  • Further to above, when you have couples, you can also “teach” them at which side of the bed they should sleep. Again, make sure you always send the same Sim to sleep on the same side. There you are! No need for you to tell them what to do anymore!
  • You are in the middle of a crisis with your twins crying and screaming for food or a new diaper (make up your own crisis…). Before you know it, another Sim arrives in the house, picks up a bill from the mailbox and leaves it somewhere… Pop up comes out in couple of days that you haven’t paid on time… hmm…. You can avoid this by placing a table near the mailbox. Your Sims will always leave the bill at the nearest empty table they will find. So, now you know where to find it, just make sure you pay for it on time and make room for the next one!
  • If both your parent Sims are working and you are looking for a nanny to come over and baby sit while they are at work, make sure to have the parent with the longest hours to make the phone call. Nannies adjust their working hours to the working hours of the calling Sim. So, why not take advantage of this and have the nanny taking care of the baby for just a bit more?
  • If you have a pet, it’s better to buy a collar to increase the chances of returning it in case it runs away. Sims can also “check collar” of any runaway and see where it should be returned.
  • If you are looking to make some more money, try mounting fish before you sell them. It will bring some extra Simoleons in your pockets and will not cost you anything. Selling the fish as it also brings money, just not as much. 
  • Try placing a snapdragon bouquet in your shop. Sims' needs are boosted when it is viewed, and this will increase the time the Sims spend in your shop as well as the chances to spend their sweet Simoleons and increase your income.

Don’ts (or Do’s… your call):
  • Never cancel the action of a Sim after having the food on the stove or in the oven for cooking as this is highly likely to start a fire. You can cancel this action while they are chopping and preparing the food, after that you are too late. Unless of course you have Sims in the house looking for some excitement and a new memory to add to their collection…
  • Womrat and bird cages better left out of the bedrooms. That is if you want your Sims to be able to have a good night sleep (if you wish to torture them on the other hand…). Anyway, keep in mind that using the wheel and squawking will most probably wake up your Sims, especially the light sleepers... 
  • Telephone devices and computers trigger the same reaction if they start ringing or are turned on respectively (i.e. they will wake up your sleeping Sims in the room).
  • When seasons are on, refrain from swimming during heavy rains. Your Sims can be hit by lightning while the water will “transmit” the power of lightning and will electrocute everyone in the pool. That is of course you are not looking for ghosts…
  • Well, that’s a tough call and only applies if you have University EP. The cow plants produce special milk that can be used as an elixir of life, adding 5 days to the life stage of the Sim who drinks it. Now, the trick is that cow-plant needs to eat Sims to be able to produce this milk. Again, tough call… at least for some…
  • Yet another way to kill your Sims… How about dying in an elevator? Whether it’s used for transport or for …woohooing , elevators can crash and turn your Sims to smashed potatoes.


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