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Sims 4 Day of the Dead Celebrator

My super model and most loving lady Sim! Meet Luna Lovers during her transformation to a Day of the Dead Celebrator. Have to admit though that the whole celebration drove her out of her mind and changed the person she was ...forever. In just few days:

  • She got married to another Celebrator, after convincing him to leave his wife and children
  • She got pregnant in no time and made sure her husband (and father of her child) was dead before the baby was born. Hmm... let's call it an "accident". She wanted to try her new "magic" with the Grim Reaper
  • She was successful pleading for his life but killed him again right away and in the presence of the Grim Reaper 
  • Before even the mourning time was over, she got married to another Celebrator. This time the lady was single so no further harm there
  • Second spouse took Luna to the hospital to give birth to the baby from her first marriage
  • Second spouse was dead the moment they came back from the hospital. Again, let's call it an "accident". No pleading this time as Luna is after the Grim Reaper. She is determined to do whatever it takes. 
  • For the time being she is looking for the next Celebrator, husband/wife to be

Luna Lovers is no longer the innocent and lovely person she used to be. The Day of the Dead Celebrations changed her for good.