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Visit the official site to take the quiz and find out what kind of vampire are you!

All you have to do is answer 5 questions:

  • What's your favorite hobby?
  • What's your favorite nighttime snack?
  • What superpower excites you most?
  • Where would you like to live?
  • What are you afraid of?

 The Sims 4 Vampire Quiz

I took the test and it looks like I am Noble Vampire! Apparently, being noble is all I am and more specifically:

You may be accustomed to the finer things in life, but coming from an old-world, you are a bit out of touch with society (with hoarding tendencies). Watching a little modern-day TV might be good for you.

Which sounds somewhat right for me, simulated or not tongue-out

Click on below link to take the quiz!