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A new trailer has been published today in view of the upcoming release of The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack on December 8th. Here below few of the things you can find out while watching it:

  • New Venues at Windenburg
    • Cafe: A venue that serves - among other things - croissants and espressos.
    • Public Pool: Paragons love to spend their time at the public pool venue. Time to exercise!
    • Natural Pool: A place where Sims love to take a dip, the natural pool alongside the bluffs.
    • Von Haunt Estate: The crown of the Windenburg world! An awesome real estate, a magnificent chalet with lavish gardens and a huge hedge maze where you can easily get lost while enjoying an afternoon there. Better find your way out before dark or the ghosts will get you!
    • Discotheque: For the dance lovers, like the Spin Masters for example
    • Ancient Ruins: Your Sims can visit the place after hours, party and much more!
  • New items: Diving platform, portable bar, dance floor
  • More Clubs
    • Upper Crusts: Food loving club, love to hang out at the Cafe.
    • Good Timers: Enjoy spending their time at the Pub, where they can play darts.