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An Official Retail Gameplay Trailer is out and the Get to Work expansion pack sure looks like a very much improved version of the Open for Business from The Sims 2.

With the Get to Work expansion pack, you may own any kind of retail business you want. You can actually have a store to sell anything you wish from the buy and build catalogues. That’s right. You are now able to have a store to sell curtains and towels, or kitchen appliances, or plants and other garden materials.

If you feel like being more creative, you may start a bakery business and sell cupcakes or other goodies! Or you may sell the collectibles you have been gathering at your free time. You can now make lots of Simoleons also from hobbies like photography or craftsmanship and not just painting. That’s really cool, isn’t it?

You can watch the Official Gameplay Trailer to get all the juicy details. Get to Work expansion is coming in April!