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Sims Infographic and 16 years of Memories Wallpaper!

A new post was published on February 5th, 2016, by SIMGURUDRAKE at the official site to make two great offerings in celebration of the sweet sixteen years of Sims: an infographic and a wallpaper.

The creator of the wallpaper is Emily Zeinner, one of The Sims 4 artists. The wallpaper is:

  • free for everyone to download
  • available in different sizes and
  • good both for computer and mobile devices

The Sims: Memories Wallpaper

As for the infographic, check out below what the Sims team has prepared for us. I am surprised to see that our Sims are settling down and only 29% of them are heart breakers (vs. 71% homemakers). Some really good fun facts!

The Sims: Infographic

Visit the official site (link provided below) in order to download the wallpaper!