Solid-Sheet Glass Roof
Upsides: Easy Weather Viewing, Chic Style, Fair Thermal Insulation, the Hilarity of Watching Father Winter Navigate it’s Surface. Downsides: Cleaning Smeared Glass, Hearing the “Thunk” of Bir…

Hexagon-Paneled Glass Roof
Few roofs scream, “Science!” quite like this one does…

Sims 4 Patch (15 Mar, 2022)
This update includes some bug fixes, new Scenarios, and the expansion of Neighborhood Stories as a configurable system that applies to Neighbor Sims throughout your game .

Square-Paneled Glass Roof
This glass roof is paneled with square frames, making it near-optimal for sky-viewing while still preventing those scary moments where one might think the roof was absent altogether.

Rectangular-Paneled Glass Roof
The most classic of glass roofs.

More than Skin Deep
Coming next : A collection of special tattoos to be delivered through the Sims Delivery Express. The Sims 4™   is bringing a new selection of quite possibly the oldest, purest and definitely the mos…

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I will upload all my creations here. That means uploading +/-3.500 files... and many, many more images. It will take quite some time... I will give priority to The Sims 4 meshes and The Sims 4 downloads in general. The Sims 2 downloads will follow, then The Sims 1 (because they are just a few). Anything else will follow in whatever order I see more convenient. As for News, Screenshots and Tutorials, the priority will be to add fresh content. Thank you in advance for your understanding.