Oasis, Residential Lot
A rather easy-to-run house, suitable for hosting large families (full house).

Partition with Curtains
This partition does offer some kind of privacy and says a lot about your style.

Green Roof, Residential Lot
My model Sim got together with Caleb Vatore and started having kids immediately. The idea was to have a full house first (i.e., ...six toddlers), get married, and turn my lady Sim to Vampire …

Glass Partition
In case you need some privacy but don't like the light to be taken away from you. This glass partition will give you the illusion of privacy.

Framed Stone, Wall Tiles
High quality masonry work. Combination of stone and wood, these big tiles are easy to apply on any wall.

Turning Dark (Vampires), Residential Lot
A beautiful place if you are thinking of moving to Forgotten Hollow and turning ...dark. Vampires would love it as it has a very interesting basement with 3 "bedrooms" specially des…

Nails with White Flower, Mesh Recolor
Beautiful design, for the ones who just don't care for a simple nail polish.

Industrial BnW Posters
Based on The Intrepid, this is a collection of black and white industrial themed posters.

Stone Tiles
Beautiful stone tiles, can be used both for interior and exterior design.

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