Long Lasting Lipsticks
The newest generation of lip colors is here, prettier and longer-lasting than ever before. Great appearance and even greater staying-power.

Teresa the Triceratops
The fiercest herbivore you will ever meet. Don't cross this dino's path in a dark alley is all we're saying.

The Sims 4 Restaurant - Receiving Good Reviews
Receiving good reviews for your restaurant is not an easy job. You need quality, you need good and quick service and to show your customers that you really care. Be there for them, welcome them…

Scattered Stones
Stone is one of the most durable materials. It will survive beyond time and weather conditions.

Gravel covered with Cement
Gravel lanes and paths are usually used as a quick improvement over packed dirt or for aesthetic effects. Covered with cement for extra durability.

Lighting Candles
Accessorize your home with a selection of candles and candles holders. Create a peaceful, fragrant atmosphere in every room and give a brighter look.

Known for being delicious. If these were food, one bite and you'd be smiling all day. While enduring severe stomach cramps.

Hydra Matte Lipsticks
This hydra matte liquid lipstick is a unique but beautiful choice for your go-to lip color. You can now have most desirable lips while taking care of them.

Thatched Roof
Thatchers use whatever materials are available in the Sims world. If local farmers are growing wheat, then wheat reed or straw is used.

Natural Stone Foundation
Natural stone is valued in construction business, even when used for foundations, as the outcome can last forever.

Decorative Candle
Accessorize your home with a selection of decorative candles and candle holders. Create a peaceful, fragrant atmosphere in every room.

Grand Window Curtains
Picture windows demand a wildly theatrical framing. These swags will make peeping neighbors think your every move is just terribly fascinating.

Caress Curtains, Full
When you want to add a special touch, the Caress Curtains will fill your window in a most satisfying way. The Full model has just the right amount of material to provide a comfortable, well-r…

Teddy Bear Blarffy Toy
Children have the biggest imaginations because they rarely have any notion of what is actually possible. In that spirit, Kindermade brings you Blarffy, the impossibly huge teddy bear! Your ch…

Black Sand Terrain
One type of black sand that is found on beaches near a volcano. It consists of tiny fragments of basalt.

Countryside Outdoors Set, Meshes
These furniture are suitable for parks and near picturesque scenery such as sea fronts, but can also be placed at any back yard. They are made by recycled materials and they are environmental…

Countryside Wooden Bench, Mesh
This bench is suitable for parks and near picturesque scenery such as sea fronts but can also be placed at any back yard. This countryside bench is made by recycled materials. It is environme…

Countryside Wooden Chair, Mesh
This chair is suitable for parks and near picturesque scenery such as sea fronts, but can also be placed at any back yard. This countryside chair is made by recycled materials. It is environ…

Countryside Wooden Table, Mesh
This dining table is suitable for parks and near picturesque scenery such as sea fronts, but can also be placed at any back yard. This countryside table is made by recycled materials. It is …

Cement Coating
Extra fine-grained micro-cement coating, provides water repellency and very good adhesion to the substrate.

Sunrose Bush
Like bright bursts of sunshine, this merry shrub adds splendor to one’s garden and joy to one’s heart.

Short Skirt
A rather short skirt, but not too short, in a variety of colors that can easily be worn at any time of the day.

Spooky Spider Earrings
Six Spooky Spider earrings to match the six color variations of the Spooky Spider necklace.

Developed in the 1970s, the Shaggi-luscious is a hybrid between a chrysanthemum and a daisy. Said to have medicinal qualities, in some cultures, it is enjoyed as a tea when people get tired o…

WaffleKone the Llamacorn
At Kindermade, we surveyed five hundred children about the perfect name for their toy unicorn. At least 75% of them suggested some kind of dessert-related word. Next time we’ll conduct the su…

Fancy Pencil Dress
Looking for something to wear on an everyday basis but still needs to be a bit more fancy than usual? No need to look any further. Everyday clothes need to be comfortable and this dress certa…

Dirt and Tiny Stones Terrain
Compact dirt and tiny stones, pathway conditions most commonly encountered in country side.

Color Balsam Lipsticks
It's not lipstick, it's just lip balsam. You can also mix several lipsticks to create your own shades.

Colorful Planks
Love building with wooden planks but tired of the same old color? Look no further. New Techniques allow you to paint wooden planks in new colors. It's perfect if you want to set a more fu…

Oopsa Daisies
When we got these as seeds, we thought they were orchids. Each time one bloomed, we said, “Oops, a daisy!”.

A sun hat (also known as the harvest hat or field hat) is a head covering specifically designed to shade the face and shoulders from the sun. These ones are available for women.

Several Square Blocks, Earrings
Four light-weighted square blocks combined to a long and elegant earring. If your lady Sim has a long neck then this would be nice on her.

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