The X-Fabric Pattern
Extra soft fabric pattern for clothing and furniture covers.

Just Leather Pattern
Very soft and delicate leather pattern that can be used for clothing but also for cushions and other surfaces.

Santa-Fe Stucco, Miscellaneous Pattern
Very detailed stucco pattern for walls and other surfaces.

Stones, Terrain
Beautiful Simple scattered stone with light dirt, a terrain brush to decorate yards, parks, and pathways.

Grass and Stones, Terrain
Simple scattered stone with fresh grass in-between, a terrain brush to decorate yards, parks and pathways.

Nursery Set, New Meshes
The complete collection of nursery furniture meshes. Set includes crib, highchair, potty chair, nursery table, end table, lamp and curtains.

Nursery Set Potty Chair, New Mesh
Beautiful potty chair to train your little ones.

Nursery Set Crib, New Mesh
Beautiful crib mesh to match the Potty Chair.

Nursery Set Highchair, New Mesh
Cute baby highchair with a small pillow at the back to comfort lilliputian Sims while feeding.

Nursery Set Curtains, New Mesh
Nice curtains for single windows, perfect for nursery rooms and not only.

Nursery Set Table, New Mesh
Practical table for a nursery room.

Nursery Set Lamp, New Mesh
Beautiful lamp, perfect for nursery rooms.

Nursery Set End Table, New Mesh
This end table comes to complete the new Nursery Set.

Parallel, Wood Wicker Pattern
Beautiful wood wicker pattern to decorate your Sims houses.

Squares, Wood Wicker Pattern
Beautiful, thick, wood wicker pattern to decorate your Sims houses.

Dark Pavement, Terrain
Natural, dark pavement terrain brush, dirt and stones covered with plant roots. Perfect for yards and places where the strangest things can grow.

Plain Wood Pattern
Just a plain wood of exceptional quality, smoothly finished, and nicely polished.

Grassy Walkway, Terrain
Grassy walkway terrain brush to design nice pathways and make the difference in your neighborhood.

Mossy Stone, Terrain
Mossy stone terrain brush. That is if you are looking for more than just a stone.

Light Plaid, Fabric Pattern
Soft plaid fabric for clothing and furniture cushions / covering.

Water, Terrain
New terrain brush, perfect for deep, clean waters. So clean that you feel like you can mirror yourself in them.

Snow, Terrain
New snow terrain brush for winter times and high mountain crests. Bring season's feeling in the Sims 3.

Wintry Tundra, Terrain
New wintry tundra terrain brush for winter times, high mountain crests and not only. Bring season's feeling in the Sims 3.

Shiny Metal Pattern
So shiny but still, this is no gold. Feels like gold though and make your Sims dream of high riches.

Contempo Paintings, Mesh
New contemporary paintings to decorate your Sims house. Frames are fully recolor-able.

Cute Paintings, Mesh
Cute paintings, with even cuter models posing, for decorating your Sims house. Frames are fully recolor-able.

Colorless, Residential Lot
House has a fireplace in the living room, beautiful patio and yard (BBQ), swimming pool and a small pond. Has two parking slots. Perfect for families with kids or young adults.

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