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Privacy Policy

Please refer to About Sims Privacy Policy for information on how user’s personally identifiable information is collected, used or shared.


Registering an Account

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External Links

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Use of Communication Features

About Sims provides communication features (such as social media sharing options, commenting options, etc.), which you or other third parties may use to share messages or other ideas and comments. By using the communication features provided by About Sims, you expressly consent not to post, share, distribute, collect, store, create or otherwise publish any of the following:

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About Sims holds no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content shared, distributed, collected, stored, created or otherwise published by you or other third parties. About Sims has no obligation to monitor and/or edit any of this content but reserves its right to remove or edit without prior notice any content that, according to its sole discretion, is considered inappropriate. It’s your responsibility to create with your own means personal backups of your own content.

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Information may be used in order to adhere to legal requests, ensure the integrity and operation of About Sims, and protect About Sims and its users. In such cases, About Sims may access and disclose if required any information necessary or appropriate, including but not limited to, user profile information, IP address and traffic information, posted content, usage.


Site Content

About Sims content (graphics, text, files, etc.) is the proprietary property of About Sims.


User Submitted Content

By submitting Custom Content to About Sims, unless indicated otherwise, you acknowledge that:

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By submitting Custom Content to About Sims, you verify that:

  • You are the creator and owner of this content
  • Your content is in compliance with About Sims rules (appropriate for all users, not insulting or promoting illegal actions in any way, etc. – common sense should be used)


Please note that any other user content submitted or distributed to or through About Sims, such as comments, information, messages, etc., does not necessarily reflect the views of About Sims. Users have the right to delete and/or modify their posts, as well as lock their own topic, but About Sims reserves its right to delete, edit, modify, reject, or refuse to publish content that is in violation of About Sims Terms of Use.



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There is always possibility of a security breach. By using About Sims, you are accepting all risks that may derive from unauthorized use of the information you provide during your registration and site navigation.

All custom content is tested for functionality, compatibility with expansion packs, stuff packs, etc., and works properly in the respective games. About Sims cannot accept any responsibility for possible unexpected errors, incompatibility with other mods or other related problem. The liability to use the files lies with you.


Site Features Termination or Alteration

About Sims reserves its right to discontinue all or part of its services at its sole discretion and without any prior notice to you. This may include but is not limited to discontinuation of any its features, prevention of access to all or some of its services, etc.



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