By submitting Custom Content to About Sims, unless indicated otherwise, you acknowledge that:

  • You grant About Sims a non-exclusive, royalty-free, permanent license to use, publish, distribute and publicly display this content on About Sims and in any media
  • You grant About Sims the right to use the content as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to deleting, editing, modifying, rejecting, or refusing to publish
  • About Sims has no obligation to pay you any fees


By submitting Custom Content to About Sims, you verify that:

  • You are the creator and owner of this content
  • Your custom content is in compliance with About Sims rules (appropriate for all users, not insulting or promoting illegal actions in any way, etc. – common sense should be used)


General Guidelines

  • If your custom content is based on somebody's else work, make sure that what you are submitting is in compliance with all aspects of the original creator's policy (including but not limited to recolors, mesh conversions, etc.)
  • Custom content should not require any pay content in order to work in anyone's game, i.e. no recolors of meshes for which the user will have to pay/subscribe/donate for the mesh
  • Should not upload content created by others and claim it as your own
  • No pirated content


How to submit your Screenshots

Registered users will see a "Submit your Screenshot(s)" link in the Member's Area of the right sidebar. This will take you to the Content Submission Form where you will have to:

  • Fill in a Title for your screenshot
  • Choose your file to upload. Allowed extensions are jpeg, jpg and png
  • Select the game version from the drop-down menu
  • Enter a short description (max. 50-60 words)  to accompany your screenshot


How to submit your Creations

If you have some creations you would like to submit to About Sims and share with the rest of the community members, please use the Contact Form in order to get in touch and see how we can make it easier and convenient for you!



About Sims reserves its right to delete or refuse publishing custom content that violates About Sims policies and/or any other third parties policies.