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A new trailer has been released regarding The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack that is due to be released on December 10th. Here below some of the things that the expansion pack will add to the game:

  • Create and Join Clubs: This feature will let you create a new Club or join an established one.  Some Clubs members are very popular Sims, while others struggle to make it to the top. 
  • Club Indicators: While Sims are in a Club gathering, a new icon will show up above their head indicating a Get Together activity. The Club leader will be further marked up with a crown.
  • Club Names and Symbols: If you choose to create and lead your own Club, you should choose a Name and a symbol that will help recognize its members when they Get Together. You can also add a description and set requirements like age, career, traits, marital and or financial status, skill levels. 
  • Club Rules: While creating a new club you also chose a number of interesting activities for your Sims (what they love to do) and also indicate what doesn't apply to them, for example fighting or kissing... These choices dictate how your Sims will behave during a gathering and set up the rules of the Club.
  • Gatherings: Gatherings can be started anytime, anywhere. 
  • Reward Points: You can earn points when your Sims do stuff they enjoy during a gathering. These points can be used to "buy" Club Perks. These are game-play perks that will let the members of the Club enjoy social bonuses and unlock new Club handshakes and set vibes. 

Source: Official EA UK