About Sims hosts a variety of custom content for The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims 4 and Sims Life Stories.

You do not need to register an account to download custom content shared at About Sims. Registering a free account account though...

  • Will give you the opportunity to download complete sets with just one click! If not registered and logged in, you will see a "Login to download this file" message, and a note that "Guests may use the below provided links in order to download the items of this set individually".
  • In addition, from time to time, you may see a "Register to Download..." link below content's screenshot in category view. If and when this link appears, it means that the specific download is available to registered users only. After registration / login, the link will be replaced by the regular "Download…" link, and you will be granted access to the file, just like your access to all other custom content.

When you click the "Download..." link, you can also view bigger screenshot(s) and read some information.

Requirements field offers some very useful information, such as:

  • Custom content requires a certain game, expansion pack, stuff pack, etc. 
  • Custom content requires a custom mesh. Make sure you download the additional files or the recolors will not show up in your game. You only need to download the required mesh(es) for each item once!

To search for specific custom content, start with sims, sims2, sims3, sims4 and sls if you are looking for Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4 and Sims Life Stories stuff respectively. For example, if you are looking for Sims 2 tables, you should write "sims2 tables" in the search box (without the quotes).


While modding and sharing are common practices in the Simmers world, you should always take into account the potential risks that may derive from downloading content from the internet and importing custom content in your game. It's the Simmer's choice to enhance the game with custom content or not. It's the Simmers' responsibility to safeguard their property (PC and/or game).

Therefore, although all the creations are tested on PC before uploading them at About Sims, and they do work properly in the respective games, About Sims cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or problem deriving from installing custom content in your game. All custom content downloaded from this or any other site should be used on your own risk. If you do not agree with this statement, do not download any custom content from this site.

Consider it a good practice to remove all mods and custom content before updating your game. As for The Sims 4, mods are automatically disabled when a new patch is being applied, to avoid any conflict with the new update. To turn them back on, go to Game Options, select “Other” tab, and check the Enable Custom Content and Mods option.


If you need any help with the downloaded custom content, please use the board or the Contact Form. Comments or any other remarks and suggestions are very welcome.


Creations uploaded here should not be re-distributed in any form, individually or included in lots, unless you have the written permission of the creator.

As for the meshes, unless otherwise requested by the creator, feel free to recolor and upload your creations wherever you choose, as long as proper credit is provided and a link back to About Sims for the required mesh. Please take the time to visit creator's page to see if they wish differently.