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My Favorite Quote (Chester L. Karrass): "You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."
Miscellaneous Information:

Other than studying Simlish and enjoying the love of her Alien friends and family, she loves to create stuff for her favorite game series. She mainly creates custom content she wants in her game, and hopes you will find couple of things you would like too.

May the Sims be with you!


Sims tools used for her creations:

  • Sims → Homecrafter
  • Sims 2 → SimPE, Homecrafter Plus, CAS
  • Sims 3 → TSR Workshop, CAS, Create a Pattern
  • Sims 4 → Sims 4 Studio, CAS


Custom content policy

Unless otherwise stated, feel free to recolor my meshes and upload your creations wherever you choose, as long as proper credit is provided and a link back to About Sims for the required mesh. Thank you!